3 Ways to Stop Comparing (I promise you’ll feel better)

Sometimes I wonder if back in the days before the internet, social media, and television…if comparing plagued our psyches as much. Obviously, ‘keeping up’ has been a part of culture for some time (did you know the idiom keeping up with the Joneses is from the early 1900s?). But back then you only had like ten neighbors to compare yourself...

4 Tiny Changes for a Happier Year + (Announcement!!)

Everything we’re surrounded by basically screams the same thing: MAKE IT BIG, HUGE, BIGGER. Like our achievements, our success, our life, our ‘squad’, our vision, our perspective…we’re told that it all needs to be big.  As I was going through my gratitude journal from 2020 (what a KEEPER ha), I was reminded of what I know to be true: that what we’re...
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