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I Share, Therefore I am?

Early this summer I shared with you the way that Instagram (and Facebook and Twitter and Vine) can be used to show a very curated version of our lives and pass it as reality. I’d never noticed how much of a perfect, happy face I was trying to put on for the eyes of Facebook until I wrote that….which is why it’s one of my personal favorites. I realized from the responses of all of you that I wasn’t alone in evaluating the dichotomous nature of perception and reality and the ways in which we manipulate our image for other people via social.

That post was very anecdotal, with data from my own life in the form of pictures and stories — the scenic Instagrams followed by the “what was really going on in my life” descriptors. Following up on that, I wanted to share an incredibly interesting video I just came across that delves into the data, and more importantly the implications, of taking our digitally displayed “self” too seriously.

Like my mom always says, when you lie, it’s easy to forget what the truth is.

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