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Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

Louis Pasteur┬ádefinitely got it right. When we’re prepared, Murphy’s law doesn’t feel quite as intense. I’m about to fly to India for my #SoloYolo. Im surrendering to all that will show up for me throughout the cities of northern India. I know as I write this though, that things are bound to go wrong. Somewhere, something will not go accordingly to my perfectly mapped out itinerary. Who knows, maybe the elephant I’m supposed to ride in Jaipur will just sit its big butt down or maybe a hotel won’t work out exactly as I liked.

What I hope, though, is that my many weeks of preparation have put me in a good position to take what the universe throws at me with peace, love, and just overall chill-ness. I’ve learned a lot through friends and colleagues about what it takes to safely and securely (to the best of my ability) go abroad. And for anyone who’s thinking about traveling international alone or with friends or lovers anytime soon, I’ve got some advice for you learned from many weeks of India prep.


Safety always has to be number one. So wherever you’re going, whether it’s through Europe, India or beyond… register your trip with the state department through the smart traveler enrollment program (STEP). They send you updates with matters of the state happening in the area you’re traveling to. It allows them to garner contact numbers should anything happen while you’re away. And it’s overall just a good strategy to follow.


Many visas you can get on arrival whenever you arrive to your destination. Not India. I almost didn’t end up getting mine, which would have been a major problem given I already had my good ole Delhi flight. Figure out what it will take to get your visa and how long, way before you book your flight. Turns out the Indian Consulate had a backlog so I’m lucky to even be headed to India right now.

Choose your Friends over Google

Google doesn’t know all. It knows a lot, but your friends probably have better advice than the old search engine. Not only can they tell you what mistake not to make, but can you give you favorite little spots that they traveled to while they were there. I was given SO much great advice from friends and colleagues who had traveled to India that I know will pay off when my feet hit the ground.

Shotsssss and Pills

Don’t take your health lightly. Talk to your doctor about every shot and pill that you’ll need before entering the country and what the potential side effects are. No body wants to end up sick during their well-planned trip. It’s hard to enjoy it when you’re feeling like crap. So figure it out, brunt the shots and the pills and the vaccines. And don’t forget your Cipero. Here’s to no Delhi Belly


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