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Find Peace in Ambition

Ambition can totally get the best of you. You want your dreams and you want them to be reality right now. You have the goals set and you get anxious about the in between of setting and living, so you become impatient. You’re not sure what the future will hold, or if it will hold what you want, so you get all wound up and bent out. And you lose sight of what it was that you wanted to begin with.

But when you can trust the future, and more importantly trust yourself, you’ll start to feel a sense of peace about your goals instead. Rather than feel worried about what you want, you’ll have this blissful reserve about what it is that you’re going after. Rather than being consumed with when and how, you’ll settle into the promise of your potential.

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I’ve had these moments– the one where I want something so terribly bad it not only consumes my thoughts, conversations and goals, but it causes me concern too. The idea of not having my goals happen, or what I want to happen, panics me. And then what I set out to do doesn’t even feel fun anymore. And if it falls through, I fall with it. It’s happened. I’ve been there. And I’ve found my way through it, lesson learned in hand.

Life isn’t going to happen onĀ your time line. The faster you can accept that, the more peace you’ll find in your drive forward. I know where I want to be. I know that I’m building out a digital personality one day at a time. One new feature at a time. One piece of inspiration at a time. Do I know that that will eventually be a digital personality that every one knows, that will be it’s own show, communicating inspiring stories round this world? Hell ya. And while I have complete resolve about it, I also know that this doesn’t happen over night. And will take years of hard work and commitment to happen. And that’s perfectly okay by me. It’s peaceful really.

Trust the future. Trust your future. Keep trucking forward, making magic on your dreams. But do it with a sense of peace with where you already are, and where you know you want to be. Because let me tell you, if you miss out on this right now always thinking of what’s next, you lose the journey. And things will be just as bumpy there as they are here. So take it all in, accept what is, and go to bed with complete acceptance that your ambition and who you are will get you to exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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