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It’s your year!

A few months ago, I came up with my mantra for 2014, which is the two word statement: Trust it. And in the spirit of doing things this year that I’ve never done before, I’ve written a poem to share with each of you about just what trust it means. I hope you’ll spend the next 12 months remembering that this is your year. Yours to dream big to love bigger and to succeed. And when all else fails, trust that you’re in the hands of the Universe.

Trust it.
Time will fly.
Embrace it. Feel the magic of the moment.
Days will drag.
Examine it.
Time will work with you and against you.
Time brings with it two sides.

Change will happen and when it does
Let the air fill your lungs and bring peace along with it.
Release your fists.
There’s no reason for throwing punches at the Universe.
Change will develop you.
Change is your gift.

Believe in them.
In the twists and turns.
There you’ll find your way.
Lose yourself in the beauty uncertainty.
Believe it will feel like home.
Believe one day you’ll seek rather than just go along.

Seek adventure.
Find friendship in strangers.
And joy in abandon.
Seek places you never knew existed.
Lay eyes on wonders that will expand your soul.
Adventure through life with  openness.
Adventure will cause a journey from the inside. Let it bloom.

with absolutely everything you have.
Soak it in. Radiate it out.
Remember it’s more than a feeling.
It’s the state of your soul. Love is.
For yourself. For others.
Love on every level.
Love when it doesn’t make sense.

Trust it.
That when it hurts
Healing and joy are on the other side.
That when it’s hard
You’re just a step away from success you never knew.
And when you lose trust in yourself
Trust anyways. And try again.
Trust always. And try again.



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