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Feel Your Future

I’m the future’s biggest fan. One of my key strengths is futuristic- I’m able to envision what I want and how I see my life playing out pretty clearly. Does it always pan out that way? Of course not. But I see the future before I see the present most times. Which can be a huge asset. But it can also be an even darker shadow.

Regardless of whether you live in the future like I do or not, there’s so much power in being able to identify and believe in your dreams. And often when we think about this, we think about our goals. We set them. We write them down. We place them in places we can easily reference them. All of these are key to mapping out your ideal life, but one key ingredient is missing.

Last week in Amsterdam I had the pleasure of having dinner with 8 or so dynamo women. They were far more experienced in both work and life than me. And somehow, as we told our stories one theme kept popping up: at some point they heldĀ felt the energy of their future before it happened. They not only knew what they wanted in life but they had practiced feeling what it would be like to actually have that future.


What does it feel like to live in the city of your dreams?

What does it feel like to be walking the streets, holding hands with a significant other most perfect for you?

What does it feel like in your ideal career?

And when I say feel, I mean feel it down to your liver. Make sure you’re feeling it in your soul. What do you smell. How does your heart feel. What’s going on in your head. Does your tummy tingle? Feeling that vision of the future will attract the energy sure to make it yours.

So the next time you think about what you want in this life, take a step back. Drop the thoughts, and feel your future to its core. Feel it until it’s so real it feels like reality. Feel it until you believe it. Feel it as if you already have it. Feel it to truth.

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  1. That’s one of my biggest takeaways from Danielle LaPorte’s teaching – when trying to pull yourself up, identify how you want to feel and what can help you feel that way. Love it!

  2. Love this! And it is a great reminder. Sometimes you DO have to step back and just feel it and absorb it all and

    1. oops, it posted before I was ready! Anyways, sometimes you have to really feel it and just

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