Maxie McCoy

A Genderless Glass Ceiling

When you hear glass ceiling, the first thing you likely associate with it is women. Because the glass ceiling is a metaphor for the unseen yet unbreakable barrier that keeps you from rising to the upper rungs of success. And nine times out of ten this is used when talking about women in their careers.

But what if I told you that you had your own personal glass ceiling that you are putting on yourself. And it requires breaking through each and every time you move into another level of your own personal development.

Have you ever had a really exciting professional event coming up: an event you’re hosting. A keynote you’re speaking as. A massive deal you’re about to land. And gotten super sick just as it was happening? Have you ever been high on the joys of something MAJORLY awesome happening in your life only to end up in an accident, or inuring yourself, or causing a major fight with someone?


This is call your upper limit. And it’s a problem we face whether we’ve ever identified it or not.

The Upper Limit Problem basically works to determine how much joy and love and success and wealth and innovation we will allow ourselves. As we begin to exceed that limit in our life, whether it’s through financial, professional or personal achievements, we’ll often do something to subconsciously sabotage ourselves, dropping back into a place where we feel in control.

You’re probably thinking why…why on earth would we do that? Because that’s where we feel safe. Controlled. That’s where we feel worthy. It’s where we think we deserve to be. And we chalk the bad things that happen just on the cusp of the seriously good stuff to just being unlucky. Or flawed. Or undeserving.

But you know, or you need to know, that you deserve the world. All the abundance and success that comes to your over life you really do deserve. When you know that you can keep the upper limit from switching on. You can keep the self sabotaging at bay.

You’re in full control of your own personal glass ceiling. When you experience more love and more abundance and more joy, stay there. Have an open and grateful heart and know that it’s not all luck. It’s not chance.


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