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On all my planes and trains and cars, I have plenty of time for journaling and working and writing. But I’m also trying to make sure that I’m getting my reading on during some of this empty time where the internet isn’t available. If you know me, you know I have a pretty little problem with self help. If it’s a developmental book, then I’m all over it.

What I realized is how much I appreciate not only books that help understand myself better and realize my own potential, but rather things that help me understand how to connect further with those around me. From how to deepen relationships, to understand how to communicate, to what leads to more effective leadership, to how the hell to date, relationships are the biggest factor of our daily lives and being able to master those will lead to a treasure chest of joy.

So with that said, here are some of my favorite relationship books:

The Tools

This one was suggested to me by one of my dear friends Amanda, and while I’m not all the way through it yet, I cannot get enough. From how to conquer or fear of communicating with other people, to how to love in the face of those who anger us, this book is such an inspiration to keep moving, keep creating, and keep building our relationships despite obvious challenges.

Get the Guy

Calling all my single ladies. If you’re dating you MUST read this book. Seriously. I’m not one to pick up a dating book, but this was such a game changer. Key take away? You’re a high value woman. Act like it. Want a great guy? You need to open your funnel and be meeting a LOT of them, not just recycling the old ones because it’s safe. Amen to the reverend. Oh, and if you’re single and mingling right now, read my blog in The College Prepster: Don’t let Tinder Break Your Heart.

Dating Tips for 20s

Daring Greatly

If you want to get anywhere in this world, you have to find a way to be vulnerable. And being vulnerable doesn’t happen alone in your room thinking about it. It requires being open and authentic with others. In your relationships. This books is life changing and anyone that wants to show up for people, for themselves, should read this. It’s truly¬†transformational.

Good to Great

While this book goes into many ways that companies end up being successful, the biggest takeaway for me was the people leading the companies that were successful- what did they do. How did they lead. How did they exemplify level 5 leadership. Finding a way to balance both humility and professional will was a recipe for leading others.

These are a few, of many that I could list…But I would LOVE to hear yours!!


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