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Snail Mail Faves

I’m completely obsessed with writing letters. I buy boxes of valentines and christmas cards every year to handwrite to my faces. I have multiple boxes of thank yous on my desk at any given time and sheets of stamps in my wallet. I buy cards for fun and I can’t remember the last time I went a week without dropping a letter into the mail to someone.

I love writing love letters.

And over the years, I’ve added on a few tricks to the letter writing process that make sending them that much more fun. These are my snail mail faves. And if you’re wondering why old fashioned letter writing matters, check out my blog on The College Prepster.

the lost art of letters

Wax and Seal

There is NOTHING more fun than sealing your cards with wax and your initial. There something so completely romantic and old fashioned about it. I promise, you’ll get excited about writing a card knowing you get to seal with with wax. It makes your note seem even more thoughtful, personal and put together. SO fun. And you can pick colors perfect for the envelope.


It’s so annoying to try and get slash keep up with people’s addresses. Postable is the most intuitive site I’ve seen in a while doing it. I take addresses and then put them into the contact information in my phone so everything is right in my hand whenever I’m ready to write a letter and send it out.

Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

There is seriously nothing better than a beautiful pen. I’ve wanted a Mont Blanc since I was a little girl and received this as a gift from my dad a few years ago. It not only makes your notes look absolutely gorgeous, it makes the writer feel special as she pens the letter. It’s an investment that will last you a lifetime of letters.

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