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The Slow Morning

I’ve made a change. A very big change. I’ve completely stopped rushing my mornings.

You know the mornings I’m talking about. The alarm goes off and the next 30-75 minutes are filled with one things to the next: shower, emails, getting ready, emails, computer, facebook, breakfast, cleaning, more emails.

From the time I wake up until the time I’ve started my day, I’m connected to my phone. The first thing I do when my alarm goes off is check my email, check twitter, check my texts, etc etc etc. My day begins as fast paced as my apps will feed my information.

It started to get to me. So, I’ve been dabbling in this new art: The Slow Morning.

I don’t check my email first. I don’t check anything at all. I either let myself wake up on my body’s clock (you’d be amazing how early and refreshing that actually is when you’re getting enough rest). I take tea, breakfast and grab whatever book I’m reading at the moment. I give myself the time to wake up. To get some fuel. And to let my mind do something other than worry about the day ahead. I sit in the possibility of the next 24 hours feeling calm. And feeling slow.

And then I meditate. Not for an hour. Not for 20 minutes. For 5 minutes. For five minutes I close my eyes and repeat my 2014 mantra over and over and over. “Trust it” I tell myself. And as I do, images of my future play like a slideshow in front of me: people, dreams, peace & calm in the form of colors and images. It’s beautiful. It’s incredibly slow. And it’s only 5 minutes.

My slow morning feels life changing. It feels like this amazing gift that I’m giving myself. It feels like the truest sense of well being. Every day isn’t perfect and slow, but I’m getting there one morning at a time. I’m refining my practice of the slow morning, and It’s an art I hope you’ll try.

Speaking of fully relishing in your morning…how about a whole day? Sundays are perfect for this, which I detail in my guest post on The College Prepster.


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