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5 morning emails you need

Our inboxes are OOC. Out. of. Control.

Literally anything we do on the internet requires opting into a mailing list. And before we know it we have 20+ emails before 9am local time from a host of outlets. I think it’s just something we have to accept. And thus a spring cleaning of our subscriptions is necessary. Every few months I go on an unsubscribe spree, taking myself off of the list of any email I never open.

That being said, there are also emails that I cannot wait to open in the morning, ones that I’d never dream of unsubscribing to. They’re my morning inspiration with my cup of tea. I get excited to explore their messages and feel better about my day once I’ve read them. As a writer, they also push me with creative ideas and better ways of doing things. (And if any of you are considering a blog, read my post “Tips from a first year blogger” on the College Prepster).

Blogging Tips for Beginners

So here are my favorite morning emails. Not all of these will be for you, but if even one of them makes your morning better, we’ve succeeded!

Marie Forleo

Marie has become famous for her Bschool, but I love receiving her spunky advice and videos. It ranges from life advice to business practices, and I thoroughly enjoy what Marie has to say. This one isn’t daily, but when it does hit your inbox it’s one you want to read.

The Daily Love

Written by Mastin Kipp, this was one of the first blogs I ever read. It inspired me when I needed it most. And I continue to love the spirited quotes at the top of every email. I’ve found some other amazing outlets through Mastin and his guest bloggers. After four years of reading the Daily Love, I still pull something valuable from each daily email.

Danielle Leporte

I’m new to Danielle, but after one of her emails was passed along to me from my bestie in New Zealand…I was *so* hooked. She embraces such feminine and spiritual advice that still has the underpinning of no bullshit.

The Skimm

If you do one thing this week, subscribe to this email, The Skimm. It’s a hilarious digest of world news that is so well written you’ll want to open it first every morning. And it has the added benefit of giving you an entertaining update on everything that is happening in the world.


There are too many blogs that I love and want to follow that I get a digest of their multi-daily posts. From my girl Carly and her blog The College Prepster to my fave family-centric blogger, Cup of Jo… I love having all the blogs from the day in one place.

What kind of woman would I be if I didn’t say that a blog you shouldn’t miss is right here. And if you haven’t subscribed to receiving ilo inspired via email, do it now. 

With a Little Inspiration, Anything is Possible...

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