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A Book is the New Business Card

I’ll never forget where I was when it happened. I was enjoying a celebratory glass of wine on the patio of Park Tavern with Kyle, when I got the insane insane update from my cowriters, Matt and Kristen… Our book had just hit the Top 100 list on Amazon.

It set off the goosebumps, invoked massive wide eyes, and an overall feeling of h o l y  s h i t.   I remember it quite literally like it was yesterday.

But it wasn’t yesterday. It was two years ago today that we launched our Amazon Best Selling book, Less Work More Money: The Entrepreneurial Life Plan. And that morning when my alarm went off at 3AM and we started pulling all the publicity levers… we wondered what would happen. Would the past two years of work be worth it? Would all of our pre-launch strategizing pay off? Would we fall flat on our faces, embarassed? There was no shortage or “I might need to throw up from anxiety” in those early hours. But then it began. We saw the book start to climb the charts, slowly hitting #1 on list after list after list after list….It was exhilarating. But it wasn’t enough. All we could hope for was that it’d eventually break the top 100 overall.  And it did.


I never thought I’d have a book out by the age of 24. And I sure as hell never expected to become an Amazon Best Selling author (until I titled the folder “best seller” #universe). I couldn’t have dreamt up a better pair of mentors and sages in the form of my co-writers if I tried. And I never new the journey that writing that book would be. The book was a door with a sidewalk on each side. The two-year path leading up to opening it was a crazy adventure. From days camped out at Whole Foods writing, to frustrated nights of editing, to anxious 11th-hour “is this thing even good” phone calls, there was nothing but twists and turns. Once the door was open, there was a path on the other side too. A journey all its own.

That book has become the door opener of all door openers.

What I never knew was that when the book process was “over”,  how much the experience of being an author would continue to connect me to so many others, help me identify with experiences, and establish a level of credibility that I never anticipated.

I truly believe we all have a book inside of us. And with the democratization of book publishing made possible by avenues like CreateSpace, we all have the ability to get that book out into the world. And people are, left and right. Trust me when I say it’s one of the most difficult yet rewarding things that you’ll ever do. But if it’s inside of you…don’t hold back. A crazy journey awaits you. Plus, wasn’t it time you got a new business card?

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