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I’m Quitting Sugar…Whattttt??

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to sugar….

My hand is over here in NYC raised and waving feverishly. I’m blaming Europe (because of course I’m not going to take personal responsibility, ha), but I’m straight up on a sugar addiction right now.

If you’re envisioning candy bars over veggies, picking juice over water, crazy delish starbucks drinks instead of tea and a woman popping out of a cupcake, that’s not exactly my problem. I mean I do just adore my dark chocolate and my sister’s sweet treats, but I’m normally choosing fruit over candy, sparkling water over juice, black coffee over a carmel macchiato and dark chocolate over baked goods.

But somewhere along all of those “better options” I realized my journey with sugar is still an addicted one.

So I’m quitting it. For 8 weeks. And yes that includes the good stuff, fruit.

You can call me crazy or call me whatever you want, but my type-a personality is pretty excited about the challenge of this one. I know I’ll be having dreams of the gelato in Milan, the nutella crepes in Paris and the churros in Spain, but the more and more I dive into the research behind sugar, the more I’m convinced I’m fully addicted to this shit. And that I’d be so much better off without it.

I never planned on quitting. But a few books about sugar and insulin imbalance later, a late night chat with my girlfriend about followed by a visit to the site only to see their 8-week challenge was closing that night…I decided it was a sign to take the plunge.

I’m definitely someone who requires a “build up” before I make certain decisions. I require a lot of thinking, and mulling, before I fully follow through (or I require that something blows up in my face before I’m encouraged to finally take action.) Is there anything in your life, whether it’s your health, a relationship, a new hobby….that you want to take action on? Get your ducks in a row and then just do it. Quit thinking and act!

And if you’re intrigued on this whole sugar thing, check out this book, and this book along with !

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