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Why Thirty Dollars Will Put You in Debt

I heard one of my girlfriends once say… “I’m going to go broke, one thirty dollar purchase at a time.”

Right!?!? How true is that. Spending all the money we make doesn’t happen in the big purchases, buying a DVF dress, a new website, or a two thousand dollar bed… It happens one pedicure, spin class and happy hour at a time. Well itĀ does happen in big purchasesĀ but we at least know it’s happening when we buy things like that. Rather, I think it’s the $30 mark that really gets us.

If it’s under thirty dollars, it can’t possibly be a problem. But 17 of those $30 dollar “why nots” not only causes you to barely inch your way to that next pay check, you might as well have just gotten that pair of shoes you so badly wanted, you’d at least have something to show for it.

The more I start opening the conversation up about money with my galpals, the more I realize so many of us are freaking out about the wealth were creating (or not creating). It’s like we’ve gone about our lives figuring it all eventually change when were older, when we make more money, only to BE older and making significantly more money only to realize it’s not changing. We’re still spending it all, but with a more cushioned savings and more stamps on our passport to show for it.

As you can tell, I’m very much trying to mature my outlook on finances and the way I handle them. And I’ve had some help getting my head and gameplan wrapped around this topic. Earlier this year I started the LearnVest financial planning services and it’s been such an eye opener. As my palm readers in India all told me, I’m good with my finances. That said, there’s a way to be much more structured and informed about our future goals: buying a house, starting a business, investing in our education.

And in the same way that we can go broke one 30 dollar purchase at a time, the opposite is true. We can build for our future in the same manner.

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