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How I went 5 weeks with ZERO sugar

Imagine a life with no sugar. No candy. No Sweets. No Carbs. No Dried mango. No dried mango. No more than 20 grams of sugar a day.

Hell no right?

Well a few months ago as I was touring Paris with a Nutella crepe permanently glued to my hand, in Spain dunking my churro in a cup of melted chocolate, or in Amsterdam submerging my waffle in powdered sugar, I would have said the same thing.

I’m a sugar addict. Or I was I should say. My European experience was an extreme one, I was eating things I’d never eat because it was all part of the experience. But even while living in the US, sugar has always been my kryptonite. Heaven consisted of eating my sisters vanilla almond cake with buttercream icing.

But when I can back from Europe I realized I had eaten myself into a sugar addiction. So like I do, I started reading anything and everything I could get my hands on.

I ended up enthralled in the book why we get fat, obsessed with the movie Fed Up and enrolled in the 8 week program #truestory

It all led me to this: successfully going 5 weeks without sugar. Which meant no fruit. No dried fruit. No chocolate. No sugary sauces. No more than 20 grams of sugar a day. And in the latter weeks it could slowly be introduced back in, in very minimal amounts. Oh, and red wine + 100% cacao was allowed. Probably the only reason I survived it.

What blew my mind was the mental clarity I had. The complete extinction of cravings. Temptations minimal. And a real appreciation for all that was green, and suddenly things that never seemed sweet before got so m u c h  s w e e t e r. I had some really low moments of “whyyyy am I doing this” and some issues as my tummy got used to the drastic changes, but overall it was quite the experience.

More than me, however, I gained a very clear understanding of the true culprit of this country’s obesity and disease problem: sugar. The more I educated myself in the topic, the more horrified I was by the effects sugar has on our body. It’s more than weight: it’s cancer, emotional turmoil, disease.


Do you think you could do it too? Go cold turkey on sugar? If you’re answer is NO WAY…just start paying attention to how much you’re actually consuming a day without even knowing it. Those salad dressings, the vanilla soy milk, the low fat snack? Packed with it. It’s not just the obvious stuff. But seriously, If I can do it you so can you.

I was given the gift of awareness through this program. And that’s something that can never be returned it can only be shared…with you!


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