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Are you forgetting something?

Can you imagine a beautiful starry night’s sky? And not one that is seen from the streets of New York City or under the fluorescent street lights of suburbia. I want you to imagine that you’re miles away from civilization and looking up at nature’s finest twinkles.

The vast night sky lit up from millions and millions of stars wouldn’t be remotely as beautiful if it was just one or two giant white lights. If it was just the moon. Or if it was just the north star. What makes the night sky so immensely stunning is the amount of small flickers happening lightyears away.

Your life is the same way. Your life is made up in millions of tiny moments.

It’s in those moments we love hard. We win big. We laugh. We cry. We wish and pray. We wonder. Enjoy. Question. Giggle.

And it’s hard because all of that is fleeting. We are only right now, one moment at a time, which is why it’s is so unbelievably important to be there with them, no matter how small, instead of wishing for the big moments of the future. Big moments are only big when they’re in the future or when they’re in the past. Because in reality they are just a constellation of tiny moments that your mind regroups.

I’m futuristic. It’s a beautiful strength because I can normally see my path pretty clearly. But it makes enjoying this very moment of sitting with my computer on lap, listening to “Ugly Heart” on repeat with my farmer’s market bag half unpacked, my bed completely not made, and my bottle of sparkling water getting condensation on the couch. But this is the moment. My morning of coffee and laughing with a couple girlfriends at the Ferry Building was another moment. My friday night spent on Google Hangout and group texting my besties abroad about how “he’s the worst” was another. These are the tiny joys, the sparkling twinkles that make up the beautiful night sky that is my life.

They key is to appreciate them. To know they’re fleeting. And to not wish we were anywhere else but right here, in this itty bitty moment in time.

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