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You must know this about time

Have you ever noticed a common thread happening in your life? Maybe it’s a topic that has come up in a bunch of different conversations with your galpals. Or maybe it’s just a mantra that ends up applying itself to a bunch of different situations happening to you lately.

A thread really pounding itself into my consciousness is that time, while always ongoing and moving forward, does not always equate to progress.

Think about it, we’re told that “time heals” and “everything gets better with time” …. but really it’s time + action that leads to progress. Time is not progress for progress’s sake.

Imagine you want learn how to play an instrument. Or perhaps you want to get over heartbreak. Both our emotional and our physical progress requires action. And even more than action, it requires sacrifice. We must give up our time and we must push through barriers in order to see growth.

I’ve been surveying my life lately, on many levels. And while I completely honor some of the things I’ve done in the past few years and how much I’ve developed both as a human and someone trying to put my talents out into the world for others….I’ve also seen plenty of situations where I’m waiting for time to pass because it’ll “get better”. I’ll stop drinking as much wine. Or I’ll see more success in a particular area of my life. Or eventually I start my video blogs. Or I’ll get better at my violin. Or I’ll have more money seeded to work on future projects.

But, just because time passes doesn’t mean those things will just magically happen. Time is not a magic answer for progress in any of our lives. I was reminded of this when I read the most poignant line in my galpal’s blog, “Progress does not happen to you.” Amen.

So if it’s not just going to happen, then we need to get out there and fight for whatever it is that’s most important. Can we get it all done at once? No, but small plans and continuous steps, even if they’re small, will lead us there over time.

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