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How to make the most of 2014

Yes, yes you read that right. There are only 75 days left of this year.

And next year is only 75 days away. Insane isn’t it? When I realized this I launched into thoughts of how much has happened and how it feels like time simply zooms by. It happens for all of us. And it’s such a reminder that anything we want to do in life must be started right now. It’s not about making massive quantum leaps each day, it’s about making small steps that eventually equate to miles, to progress, to categroical shifts in the trajectory of our life.

Because, any day we’re not going towards who we are meant to be, we’re going away from it.

What was it that you wanted to do this year? Was it a trip? Was it the beginnings of a business? Was it a workout routine? How much did you accomplish with those goals?

Did you procrastinate? Probably. But procrastination isn’t always what we think it is. It’s not laziness. It’s deeper than that. And sometimes it can be a great thing. And it can be a mirror for why exactly we’re putting things off to begin with.

I had an amazing conversation with a firecracker of a friend Sammy for an episode of SammyDTV. You’ll want to watch this one!

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