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How to make your goals happen

Well, it happened. An entire year has passed and we’re moving into a new one: 2015.

H o l y  s h i t. Is how I feel about the new year. Where did the past one go? How is it already here? How are all the things I’ve been planning for about to be upon me? It’s not about talking anymore, it’s about doing.

And this is the time of year where everyone (everyone) is talking about the goals you should set and the resolutions you should keep.

There’s so much setting. But what about the doing? The achieving. The reaching your goals.

Here’s the thing about your dreams becoming a reality. It all happens when you’re not looking. It all happens day-today, while you’re out there busy. While you’re doing.

Your goals happen by falling into them.

A few months ago I had big goals set for the beginning of 2015. I had big plans. And once I set them, I started the daily fight of making them real. Having the conversations I needed to have. Making the lists. Making the plans. Putting in the work. I thought about all the things I needed to do, and I was doing them. And now I’m sitting here with it all happening. I fell into it.

Like falling asleep, it’s slow at first… and then all at once you’re achieving, you’re winning, you’re making it your reality.

I think about what it felt like to zipline over the waterfalls in Hawaii. I had to exert so much energy in getting myself up on the platform – to face my fears. to fight the anxiety. to step off the ledge. But as soon as I did, the rest was effortless. It was happening with me.

Falling into your goals happens the same way- by knowing your vision, but then by going after it each day. Every day you go to work. Every day you focus on what needs to be done. Every day you put the energy in.

And before you know it, you’re falling into your goals without even realizing it. You’re not living in the expectation. You’re not waiting for it to “all be better when.” You’re in love with the moment. You’re rooted in the day to day. And falling into your dreams. Falling into your goals.

Here’s to a beautiful 2015 for you – to falling into your goals.

Remember, there’s still a *wee* bit of time left in 2014. Check out your final to do list for the year on The College Prepster.

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