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Want to do something big? Start here.

We all have a desire to live big. It looks so different for all of us.  You may want to have a game-changing technology company. I want to inspire billions and have my own digital show. Someone else may want to feed every child in America, others may want financial freedom for their family, while someone else wants to have the best damn yoga studio in Texas.

Whatever it is, whatever it looks like, it’s our truth and purpose pulling us. It’s our desire.

And there is one very, very clear way of doing it, of living the life of our dreams: screwing up. Failing. Falling. F*ing up.

More than ever, I’m understanding that it’s literally the only way.

The more we try and avoid screwing up, the more we’re avoiding our dreams. Full stop.Tweet: The more we try and avoid screwing up, the more we're avoiding our dreams. Full stop. @maxiemccoy

It’s natural to try and stay away from errors – You want things perfect. You want things just how you’re envisioning them. You want people to say great things about you.

You can have all of those things and still mess up (well maybe not perfection cuz that’s not real anyways).

If you want to move closer to the life you want for yourself, you’ve got to find something to screw up. It’s how you’ll learn, iterate, and grow. This process will never stop, but it begins with trial and error. The sooner you begin that process, the closer you get to living your vision.

So start here. Now. Don’t avoid the mess ups: seek them.

And if you’re currently sitting in the discomfort of messing something up, remember this: it is the only way.

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