Maxie McCoy

Are you at war?

Two sides. There’s conflict. Arguing and contradictions. Hot energy and fire and fire and fire. There’s a war.

This war isn’t a physical one. It’s not a tale of two counties. It’s not a battle over religion or oil.

And it’s not a war that will have a winner.

But it is just as damaging. It will leave both sides weak. And when it’s all said and done, what started the entire thing is buried deep in the destruction, hard to remember and even harder to find. Few will want what’s left.

I wish this war wasn’t happening. But it is. And it’s happening in that beautiful brain of yours.

You don’t trust . You second guess. You undermine. You judge. You do this all to yourself.

Why?? I’m going to ask it one more time… why??

I ask why because it takes so so much energy to engage with yourself like this. And let me tell me what’s happening while you’re at war with yourself…

You miss the beautiful meal with your best friends because you’re so busy freaking out over that extra glass of wine you just had.

You don’t receive the compliment because you’re too busy wondering what’s wrong with him that he’d think that about you

You pass up a killer opportunity because the bitchy voice in there said you weren’t ready.

Your moment is gone. And you’ll never get it back. Because you were in judgy, yukky, shamey, war land up there.

So much was missed. So much was lost. But it doesn’t have to be.

Your dreams need your energy so damn badly. Your love needs your love. Your creativity needs your calmness.Tweet: Your dreams need your energy so damn badly. Your love needs your love. Your creativity needs your calmness @maxiemccoy

Your life needs you, not the battling version of you, but the one united force – of your mind. your heart. your soul. your energy. your spirit.

When they come together, so will everything else. So stop the war already, will you?

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