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The best way to find your balance

Balance is a funny thing. We hear about it often – from staying emotionally balanced to finding work-life balance. It’s a rather interesting asset that we seem to place a lot of emphasis on.

Where does it come from? How do you find it?

Balance has come up a lot for me in the past few weeks, specifically in a physical sense. From trying to learn how to scooter to learning how to surf, my balance has been in a constant cross fire.

And at the beginning of both of those experiences, as soon as I began to feel myself losing equilibrium, I bolted. I would slam on my breaks and put my feet onto the ground while on my scooter. While surfing, I give my instructors great joy and myself great pain, belly flopping off the surf board and crashing into the water – unwilling to wait the imbalance out in order to stabilize. I’d ditch the board and plunge into the wave.

Then, I came across this adorable little sign at a shop by the beach that read: “The best way to find your balance is to keep moving.”

I stood there, staring. Reading it again and again: The best way to find your balance is to keep moving.Tweet: The best way to find your balance is to keep moving. @maxiemccoy ‎

That’s exactly it. Both on my scooter and on my surfboard, the more I kept moving forward, the more I found my balance. Ditching the situation just left me frustrated (and sometimes in pain). But when I kept going, not only did I find my balance, I made progress and I got places.

What a reminder for all the moments we’re feeling like we’re about to lose it. When we’re feeling like we don’t know how to walk the tight-rope and keep the wave of life any longer…we just have to keep going. We might fall, we might tumble, but eventually we’ll find our balance and see ourselves getting farther than we ever thought possible before.

The only way to find your balance is to keep moving. So go baby go…keep moving and dreaming and pushing forward. You will find your equilibrium amongst it all.

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