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One voice you must stop listening to

We all know that we’re supposed to “live outside of our comfort zones”. But actually doing it is quite the other story.  Yes life happens over there>> outside the zone. You all know the diagram I’m talking about.

But there’s a reason the good stuff is out there. Because it’s damn hard to get to. No one ever tells you that in order to get there, you’re going to want to quit about 70 thousand times in your head.  And your brain will tell you that’s the right thing to do. “Stick with the safe thing” will be blaring on surround sound in your head.

A few days ago I arrived in a place that is really only accessible by motorbikes or scooters. I knew this going into it. And while I’ve only ridden on the back of my besties motorized two wheels…I figured it couldn’t be that hard and I’d have my floral printed kimonos blowing through the breeze on my new wheels in no time.

Glamorous vision. What actually happened was that I went to rent a scooter and they handed me over an impossible-to-drive motorbike. And I about crashed, twice, in the alley where there weren’t even other bikes, cars or potholes. Forgot the c h a o t i c street with people zipping around on the wrong side of the road. I tried to get comfortable, for like 30 minutes, then finally threw in the towel…wayyyyy to scared…and paid the rental guy to drive me instead.

It was 48 hours of agony before I could muster up the courage to get behind the wheel again. The only reason I did is because I was given a scooter that was supposed to be way easier than the motorbike the other people had me beginning with. And because I’d be chained to my little cottage if I didn’t woman-up and figure it out.

Figure it out I did. I’ve just spent the day whizzing around on two wheels, which in a place like Bali, is the absolute most freeing experience. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt anything like it.

And while I did, I thought about my 48-hour panic. Of all the things I’ve been telling myself the past few days: you’re just bad at this. you’re literally going to die. things are too crazy here. why did you think this was a good idea. idiot. repeat. repeat. repeat.

Ugly tape huh? Really ugly. And these fear-mongering voices, they exist in all of us. The key is in turning down the volume. Learning to quiet them. I’m not sure they’ll ever go away, but we don’t have to listen to the voice that tells us to play it safe.

We always have a choice. We can buck up and tolerate discomfort. Bite the bit. Muster the strength. Whether it’s something as silly as riding a scooter in the other side of the world, or having a conversation with someone that we’d do anything to get out of.

Tolerate it. Sit in it. Don’t let your “you can’t do this” thoughts win.Tweet: Tolerate it. Sit in it. Don’t let your

Trust me, if your pushy voices succeed, what’s ahead is a boring, chained-to-your-cottage life when an entire world is waiting.

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