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Some STAR Power Just for You

This cosmic universe is a beautiful one. A powerful one. And I believe more and more every day that those stars I obsess over twinkling in the sky are just as connected to me as the heart beating in my chest.

The pattern of stars and planets in the heavens and their affect on us humans is widely known as astrology. Some people are into it. Some people aren’t. I’m the former. Big time.

JP Morgan famously said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.” Amen JP. Ayyyymen.

Astrology gives us a beautiful understanding of our strengths, characteristics, weak spots, and energy. Which is why I start every day reading my Horoscope, written by the AstroTwins (aka the Oprahs of Astrology). My favorite activity with a reluctant girlfriend listening to me gush over the Astrotwins and my love of astrology is to read her her astrological profile. Wins every time. They’re so spot on and so telling of our personalities.

If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in Astrology, you’re in luck! Welcome the starpower that is the AstroTwins Best Year Ever bundle Giveaway

AstroTwins have designed a special 90-minute online workshop for an awesome new year. They want you to live the best life you possibly can and make decisions at the RIGHT time. They’ll show you how to use 2015’s stars to chart your course. And they’ll throw in a 2015 Planetary Planner ebook just for you. You want in on this one. Enter Here.
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If you want to jump on this opportunity right now, AstroTwins have given all the Maxie readers a special discount off this bundle. Enter “2015” at checkout and you’ll get 20% off. Hello Future Billionaires!






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