Maxie McCoy

Because you’re alive

You were born into this world kickin’ and screaming. And the Universe loved the shit out of you.

From that moment, because of that moment, love is your divine right. It’s not something cordoned off for the special ones, the beautiful ones, the funny ones, the skinny ones, the smart ones.

Love is a right for all the ones. Crazy, cranky, fabulous, the mistaken and lost. Love, no matter how you twist her, is yours.

You’re love. You deserve love. Simply because you exist.Tweet: You’re love. You deserve love. Simply because you exist. #happyVDAY @maxiemccoy

So if your parents sucked at showing you that, I’m sorry. But you’re still loved.

If that ass hole broke your insides and gave you everything but love, my heart hears you. But the Universe never stopped loving you.

When friends treat you like shit. A boss demeans you. A driver cuts you off.  Coffee spills on your white blouse. Your temper roars. You tell a lie. You do the breaking. I ache for you. I get it. But none of that (NONE) changes how much you are loved from something so much bigger, stronger, wider, deeper and eternal.


The one original energy. The one pure light. The one perfect source. It’s yours. It’s always been yours. And it’s love.

It’s unconditional. It didn’t have a beginning and it doesn’t have an end. It’s cosmic. It’s beyond you. And it’s love.

Fuck the haters. And the fear. And the rough patches. And the heartache. Regardless of any of it, you? You’re all love. You’re completely loved. And that sweet valentine is all you need today and every day.

Want to be the very best Valentine this holiday? Check out my post on the College Prepster and get ready to valentine the shit out of yourself! 

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