Maxie McCoy

Do you believe in magic?

Everyone told me this place would be different.

There’s just something about it… You’ll feel it almost immediately…It’s different….You’ll be drawn to its magic. You’ll always be pulled back to that place. You’ll never want to leave.

Magic. It’s the word that just kept coming up about Bali. It’s what led me here. It’s what has kept me here. But I couldn’t figure out just what that magic was. I could sense it. But I didn’t know why. For over 6 weeks I casually pondered why I felt what I felt here.

Is it because they’re all so rooted in their Hindu beliefs? Is it because this place has strong connections to cultures they never contacted like the Mayans? Is it because of the healers here?

The answer might be a yes to all of it. But it wasn’t until this past week that I figured out what the magic of this place was. And how you actually don’t need to be here to access it.

Over the past weeks I’ve gotten really still in my spirit and in my soul. Most distractions are gone. And there’s nothing to do besides face my own fears of the future and my own happenings of the past. Or do neither and learn how to do the exact present. As it was happening I was so uncomfortable. Daily questioning what I was doing. Why I was doing this. After all, I was the one catalyzing the experience of my own discomfort.

And then something weird started. I’d focus my thoughts…and they would happen.


Looking back, it all began on the day I walked into my new villa and saw the lyrics of a random Abba song my brother-in-law had just played me before leaving for Bali. We had an entire discussion about this specific song. And Giants letters in my backyard were there to greet me a week later. Like what are the chances?

I’d be angry and the next day I had a fever. Weird manifestation of fire.

I’d catch myself mulling over past memories that didn’t serve me, and I’d have a dream about him. Why. 

I’d sit thinking about how I needed someone to help me get out of past thought patterns, and I’m serendipitously walking into the office of a metaphysical therapist. No way did that just happen. Not the plan.

My surfing coach would tell me about his favorite massage lady and the next week she’s the one who enters the spa to take care of me. The one I randomly stopped at. Like for real? I didn’t even know where you worked.

I’d say out loud that I really needed someone with specific expertise to guide me in some of my future endeavors, and I had a text offering the potential of just that from someone I had never even thought of. Halleluja.

It was tripping me up. The Universe was serving me up my thoughts at lightening fast speed. It scared me and impressed me all in the same moment.

And it took weeks of this happening before I even realized what was going on. But upon the realization, that’s when it hit me: the magic of this place is the speed at which you manifest.

The reason it happens and the reason the magic exists is because everyone here believes in the power of their thoughts. It’s collective intelligence. That’s what the magic is.

When everyone believes in the power of our energy, our energy has more power.Tweet: When everyone believes in the power of our energy, our energy has more power. @maxiemccoy

I’ll give you the metaphor my metaphysical healer gave me: when a crossword puzzle first comes out, it’s impossible. But as more and more people have completed it, the speed at which people complete the puzzle is so much faster than it was in the beginning. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we access the energy of the thoughts around us and before us.

When everyone in a single concentrated places believes in magic, in “Universe” things happening which may seem illogical. Or when everyone believes in the power of our thoughts. Or in the strong reality of our energy. It happens quicker, faster and more obviously.

Magic isn’t illusive. It’s real. It’s accessible through the power of our energy and our thoughts. The more we all believe the magic, the more it will go to work for us…for beautiful, soulful, sometimes surprising experiences.

Believe in your power. It’s in you. It’s in all of us. You have to embrace that because everyone deserve a little magic.

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