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Why you should get a little bored

There’s been more than one afternoon that I’ve laid on my little floor pouf and just stared at the ceiling. My phone was charging in the other room. Music wasn’t playing. Nobody was around. There wasn’t anything I felt like doing, really. There’s been more than one evening that I’ve walked the beach so lost in nature that I didn’t realize waves were soaking the bottom of my bright pink, floral kimono.

It was just me. My thoughts. My moment. Staring… Lost in not a single thought at all. I couldn’t have possibly told you what time it was. Or what I was thinking about. And I didn’t care.

In another life, I would have said I was bored. Anyone looking on would have probably said that too. Maybe I was. But the stillness was so soothing. It was freedom. I can’t tell you the last time I gave myself enough space to just be.

When was the last time you let yourself be bored?  To sit. Wander. Get lost. Forget time. Breathe.

Reconnect with soul

Let me tell you what happens when you do. You reconnect to that little girl who wants a voice. You finally hear the intuition that is screaming to be heard. You give yourself a reboot.

You have so much information being thrown at you in any given day. You’re bombarded with images and messages on your phone. You’re being demanded by the needs of your loved ones so much so that you forget your own.

But there’s a great purpose that is asking to be heard. There’s a bigger love that wants to be felt. Your great connection is like an old radio, you can choose to tune into the messages that are there embedded in the electromagnetic radiation. Or you can keep being just an old box that sits there.  A box with so much potential and capability to broadcast beautiful songs, tunes and messages…potential that could be realized if you’d just learn how to tune in and turn it on.

Tune in. Tune in. Tune in. And turn in up, loud. The world wants to dance to your music and rejoice in your song.Tweet: Tune in. Tune in. And turn in up, loud. The world wants to dance to your music and rejoice in your song. @maxiemccoy

It requires work. And stillness. And discovery. But all of those things can happen when you give yourself the space from other people’s crap. The distance from distraction. The gift of time with your thoughts, knowledge and awareness.

Give yourself that today. Give yourself a little bit of that every day. Watch what happens when you reconnect with the messages of the Universe. They’re there, deep in your heart and in your intuition. Teach yourself how to listen (hint: it’s not with your ears). Train your heart to connect to your soul. Let a little boredom teach you how.


For more on the art of losing yourself, read my post on The College Prepster.

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