Maxie McCoy

Crush hate when the healing hurts

Even if you forgave. You were never expected to be done. Your hurt gone. Your past erased.

Even the forgiven. They’re a face – the characterization of your hurt. The thing you can point to when your chest hurts, your mind flashes back, and you wonder why you still have these weird moments like you do. Tears that threaten to tumble. Pressure that looms.

It’s because you’re in process. You’re in motion. You’re getting from where you’ve been to where you’ll one day be. You’re healing. And making space for the good. the love. the joy. the possibility.  Be the healer of your healing and know it’s time. and setback. and discomfort.

Every scar itches and burns before it feels normal again. But what did your mom and every person ever tell you not to do? Don’t pick.

Accept the discomfort. It means the healing process is working.

Healing hurts. But don’t pick. Don’t scratch. Or it’ll become something you never wanted. It’ll become jagged and ugly.

Don’t let your healing turn you to hate. To resenting what happened that led to being healed. To cursing the person, people or mistakes that got you here to this place – the place where you’re forced to take care of your healing. forced to endure discomfort. required to go on despite what happened even when you don’t want to.

Love it all. Honor what you feel. Pour it on. Paint it over. Be dripping in love. For yourself. For them. For all of it.

Love is letting go. And it’s the only way to crush the hate. It’s the truest of love. And the key to your healing.

Unconditional means loving even it’s not returned. Loving anyways.

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