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Goals in May. Because why not!?

I’ve always been a teeny bit obsessed with goal setting. I’ve filled who knows how many journals with dreams of my future and sketches of my desires.

There’s a bunch of ways to begin dreaming about the things you want in you life. But the way you make those a reality takes a tried and true framework. Mainly, how you write the actions that ladder to your dreams matters. Thus, this week’s episode of Maxie is devoted to getting down with goals, why they matter, and how to write them in the most punching way possible.

Eventually, you will wake up with one of my favorite holy shit moments –the moment when you are literally living the life you wrote down however many months or years ago.

When I think about my own goals, I think about this moment last July when my heart was a little broken, my dreams seemed a little far off, and all I had was a marker in my hand and a blank sketchbook in my lap. The Gardens of Bath surrounded me. The sky looked like it was about to open with a killer summer rain. So I wrote fast. and wrote. and wrote. and wrote. It’s where I first wrote the words Inspire Billions. It’s where I first wrote the sentence, “I’ll launch Maxie by…”

And I’m here, less than a year later, living the beginning stages of a realized dream. Chipping off the first steps of many to come of a goal actualized.

So whether you write them in marker, type them in your ipad, or draw them in the sand, watch this episode and get down with your goal self.


With a Little Inspiration, Anything is Possible...

Inspire Me!

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