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My two best tips for writing

I truly, madly deeply (do) believe that we all have a message. That we all have a truth. And that we’re meant to communicate it with the world.

For some this will be person by person. For others this will be through their business. Some will do this one email, one encounter at a time. And for many, it will be through writing their message.

Maybe you’ve fantasized about starting a blog. Maybe you’ve dreamed the day your book will be launched into the world – whether tales of your 20s or a character book for kids.

No matter what type of written craft you’ve thought about. Do it. And do it now.

I’ve always loved to write. But beginning my blog two years literally changed my life (exhibit a: it crystalized my own understanding of my talents, the message within me, and led to the launch of Maxie) Even if it had never become a business, the experience of writing changed the way in which I processed the world – adding meaning, soul, and purpose.

So many people have asked where to start. How to start. And tips. So on today’s episode of #Maxie, I share my top two tips for writing. They have been absolute game changers for me -which I practice to this day.

For even more tactical advice for getting started gathering momentum once you do, check out my two posts on The College PresterTips from a First Year Blogger.

With a Little Inspiration, Anything is Possible...

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  1. I love the tips. Your first one especially speaks to me, not just about writing and blogging but just about goals in general. Consistency is something I’m working on. I have a habit of getting so excited when I first start a new project and have like 5-10 goals/parts. Then I never get any of it done because they’re too huge! So I love what you said about starting small and building up in order to be consistent. Thank you for this awesome video!

  2. Hi maxie.. I loved your tips.. Although I was sure bout the 2nd one.. Mostly I write about the incidents that take place in my life or quotes or songs or anything. I am planning to start my blog soon although I am worried about how should i go about in but one of yur ideas helped me actually. Although I am very impressed and in love with the tip of consistency it’s good to post a day or two in a week.. I am gonna practice that and I am sure it will help me..
    Thanks for sharing.. Take care..

  3. Great tips Maxie. I love the running list idea. Quick question… So do you block out a specific time/day to do your writing for your blog and write several blog posts at once?

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