Maxie McCoy

Who are your mirrors?

There are people in life that hold a very special place in our hearts. Have you ever met a friend and instantly felt like you’ve known them for years? That they just get you. See you. Vibe with you?

The past few weekends have been saturated with amazing connections with people I felt like I’ve known forever. I’ve been so reminded that our connection with other vibrant, beautiful humans is the real magic in our lives. But I’ve only just recently found the words to explain this kind of instantaneous spark with friends old and new.

I learned a specific term to explain this type of friendship- the one where a person in our life is always reflecting back to us the very best parts of ourselves. They show us what we’re amazing at. They bring our value to the surface. They energize us and make us feel alive. They help us see what can be difficult to see on our own.

In this week’s episode of #maxie I share this amazing name for our soul friends in life and why they’re so important to finding meaning in our lives.

A new name for the humans that make us feel oh so alive!Tweet: A new name for those humans that make us feel oh so alive: @maxiemccoy

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