Maxie McCoy

You Must Live Outside of Logic

My best decisions are never made from a place of logic. They happen from visions, dreams, loud whispers, heart-wrenching feelings, pits in my stomach, and feelings I must follow.

The job of my twenties wasn’t anything I thought I’d be doing. It didn’t “make sense” for my major. It wasn’t a perfect follow up to what I’d been doing right after college. But the universe led me and I kept following.

I didn’t finally let go of that big love because I had an adult conversation and I moved on. No, I snotted my way through it and said a lot of things that seemed crazy.

I launched my dream by going to the other side of the world where I didn’t know a soul and had no where to live because of a loud whisper I heard in the back of a cab.

Illogic at every turn. Most turns, really.

Logic works. Logic keeps the world going round. Logic keeps us safe. Bounded. And approved. It makes sense.

But is it what you want?

Or do you want to strip down and jump off a bridge into icy water, because you feel like it. Do you want to get on a last minute plane to another continent, call into work sick, and seek adventure because you can. Do you want to tell that person how you feel not because it’s appropriate but because it’s the reason for that big heartbeat in the center of your chest. Do you want to cry without having to know why? Do you want to seek the big ideas that go against the norm?

That’s the life outside of logic. And while living there each minute of every day won’t work. Moments outside of logic are required. They’re required for the leaps that positively shift your life.

People will disagree. Friends will look at you weird. Somebody is going to be pissed off. Judgement will definitely exist. They’ll call you crazy. Or irresponsible. Or entitled. But who gives a damn? You’re taking a step outside the boundaries of normal to live in what you feel. To live in what moves you. And to experience something other than the two plus two.

Want to fire up your soul? Look outside of logic.Tweet: Want to fire up your soul? Look outside of logic. @maxiemccoy

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