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Love the Mess You’re In

The goal of this life isn’t to find our way out of pain. It’s not to have a tidy house and a tidy life. And it’s sure as hell not to experience total highs all of the time. And if that is your goal, you need some rearranging.

But what is forgotten, is that these things – the ups and downs, the joy and pain, the empathy and the evil – they can and do coexist in your every day life. It’s simply a matter of how you’re looking at it. And how to return to the fibre of your being more often than not… the fibre that is joy.

Are you seeing this always beautiful, always messy thing of life as something to fix? Or are you sitting in the acknowledgment, even the utter love, for the mess you’re in.

I know because I’ve been in fixing mode. I’ve been trying to fix something (life). Because I’ve felt off. In transition. In change. Ungrounded. Scattered. The list goes on. I can pinpoint a lot of the whys. But after one too many days of trying to “get out of it”  (and doing so unsuccessfully) I was brought back to the 50,000 foot view of what’s going on – which is nothing. Nothing actually needs to be fixed. And nothing will be. Until I stop being in solution mode and just relish in the present moments of my day to day life — they’re neither good nor bad. Literally, in an exact moment, everything just is. Is perfect. Is as it should be. Only when our mind wanders to past and future do things get out of whack.

Here’s the thing…It’s natural to feel weird and want out. And it’s normal to strive for joy and joy and joy. Without realizing you are joy.

What if joy was driven from the acceptance that what you feel today doesn’t have to be rainbow and butterflies? That you can be joy and still have the complexities of funk, and ‘tude, and confusion.

It doesn’t have to be all inspiration all of the time. You can be bothered. And annoyed. And weird. And confused. Or unmotivated. Crap can be hitting the fan. And at some point it is up to you to look at all of it, this giant mess of life and love and confusion and bum and love it. Really, utterly love it. What’s so bad about the “bad” ?

From there your entire perception will change. You can be grateful for your problems. You can stop trying “to get out” or “to get to the other side” and know that this is the other side.

This is the mess you’re in. And you can love it as much as the rainbow and butterfly days.Tweet: This is the mess you’re in. And you can love it as much as the rainbow and butterfly days. @maxiemccoy

It’s not easy. And for many cultures, it’s not normal. But it’s possible. The possibility that life is exactly what we make of it. Exactly what we perceive it to be. It is what keep us moving forward while staying fully grounded. Fully present. Fully connected to our experience. And our existence.

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