Maxie McCoy

The Hell of Heartbreak

There’s few places more painful. There are few moments more dark. Yet, it’s one completely guaranteed in this human experience.

The hell of heartbreak is the very real underworld to a life of love and joy. It’s the tradeoff to vulnerability. It’s the possibility we accept when we choose to deeply and fully experience life.

But it’s not to be avoided. It’s to be recognized. Expected. And even accepted.

Unlike most issues, it’s a problem with no answers. It’s a situation with no solution. It’s a pain with no remedy. And a healing that can’t be expedited.

It’s the thing that does you, like a giant sigh that hits from no where, only to dissipate through a roar and release.

The hell of heartbreak is that it demands to be seen. To be heard. To be felt. To be cried over. Not once. But for a while. And in random moments years after you thought you healed.

Accept. Accept. Accept. Accept the demands of heartbreak. Answer the door it comes knocking on. And leave space for your heartbreak to be heard and understood.

Even in the moments you want to bury it alive. You want to close the closet door it’s hiding in, deadbolt that MFer, and throw away the key. Know that it’ll dance with you anyways. You can choose to waltz, or resist and stumble and fall at each step.

If loving someone didn’t go your way. Let them go. And with it any resistance to feeling it. All of it.

If life get between you and someone you love. Curse the heavens but accept your heartbreak.

If love was cut short. For someone or some thing. Know heartbreak will be standing in it’s absence.

Cry through boxes of tissues. Punch a pillow. Scream. Go quiet. And know that heartbreak is your sometimes momentary, sometimes current reality. And it’s also the only way through.

Your ability to come back will be by believing in the very reality of life you experienced before the hell of heartbreak. A belief that that there will be another rainbow. Someone you’ll love again, albeit differently. Strength you’ll find, even though random moments will lead to hours of losing, tissues stuffed deep into your eye sockets. A new day with people you love, even though you miss the old days with the ones you had before.

Your hell will release. At the end of it all, your pain means that you once got to love at a magnitude bigger than the heartbreakTweet: Your pain means that you once loved at a magnitude bigger than the heartbreak. http://bit.ly/1IfhzTH @maxiemccoy

And isn’t that love the point of this entire thing called life?

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