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The silent vows of your soul. Have ’em. Follow ’em.

Your soul demands to be taken care of. This other worldly part of your being can’t be forgotten. While you can’t see it. Or selfie it. There’s rules you need to make with this very material life that are sweet vows to the soul.

You summon the power of your soul by following the rules only you know.Tweet: You summon the power of your soul by following the rules only you know. @maxiemccoy

Rules of the soul are silent, most times. They’re not things you talk about at the dinner table. They might be written in your journal. But they also may only exist only in the quiet corners of your mind. The rules don’t involve anyone else. They don’t need any help, other than from you. And no one knows if you’re breaking them.

No one will come calling if you break an agreement you made with your soul.

There’ll be no ticket to pay.

And you won’t be hauled off.

But you’ll feel it. The breaking, of rules, of promises, of agreements you made with the source that keeps you so filled with light and energy to move yourself into a place of purpose, abundance and impact. You’ll feel stuck. Drained. Funky. Unsure. Because either you’re not committed to the soul dance, or you’re going against what you know is best.

Your soul – the one that doesn’t have an identity you can call on, an address that you can mail to, or a reflection you can easily see – it does need protecting. It needs commitment. It needs energy and focus. Yours.

The rules of the soul are the things you decide. To do every day. To display every moment. To practice and practice and practice. To never negotiate. To never bend. But to always hold and behold. 

They’re the 100-foot fence you put up because your soul is worth protecting. It’s also the door you easily open, but only when the right person is knocking. Your soul needs to let love in as much as it needs you to keep fear out.

What do you promise yourself? What do you scribe in love on the parchment your soul that you always, always do? For you. And only you. So you can be a protected place of one to many. A powerful display of living in your own power. A radiant dance of light.

Create the vows. Say them. Honor them. Live them. And love the life you promise to keep, to yourself.

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