Maxie McCoy

Halt the Hustle. And Open Your Heart.

Everyday you’re hustlin. Everyday you try to get farther. You think to try harder. You make lists and lists and lists and tape up calendars and create reminders.

Reminders to yourself to do more. Reminders that if you have free time then you’re obviously not out there hustling enough. You should be meeting everyone. And talking. And selling. And building. 

Every day you’re hustlin.

And every day you’re in the slog. Your energy is frenetic. You’re never satisfied. Always wanting more. And permanently thinking about what you can get. What you can accomplish. And what mountain is left to climb.

It’s tiring. Maybe not at first. And maybe not in the beginning. But eventually, the steam will dissipate. The fire of your passion will be replaced by the frustrated heat of your cheeks. Your head aches. Your energy depleted. Barely there for yourself much less for the pace of the hustle. And you wonder why.

Why are you doing this. Like this. Isn’t there a better way? There is. Drop the hustle and return to your heart.Tweet: Drop the hustle and return to your heart. http://ctt.ec/IOwJz+ @maxiemccoy

It’s waking up to hot water with lemon while noticing the sun instead of the brightness of your laptop.

It’s choosing meditation and intention instead of going over those meeting notes one last time.

It’s a vacation in August instead of finishing the final to do list.

It’s a sweaty class in the middle of the day. Yes, right smack in the middle of your day.

It’s asleep before 11. And a nap if you need it.

It’s painting greeting cards on a Tuesday night instead of shelling out business cards.

It’s making an impression at that networking meeting by connecting via soul.

It’s choosing creativity over cortisol.

It’s slowing slowing down. Calming down. And opening up.

A crazy thing happens when you stop all of the chasing and consider attracting. What would it take to attract everything you want, the opportunities you’re seeking, the doors you’re opening and the people you’re wooing.

It would take knowing who you are and what you are when you’ve dropped the hustle. It would force you to know what brings you joy other than finally climbing that mountain you tasked yourself with. It would require you to know fulfillment brought by something other than “inbox zero”, something other than “I’ll be happy when”, something bigger than “Once I’ve…”. Something more than hustle.

It would require you to go in. Way in. And orbit in the cosmos of your heart.

It’s uncomfortable. Life without the hustle is quieter. And yet louder. So much louder. 

You hear your own voice. You notice your own shit. You feel your feelings. And you hear the questions that your soul finally had the strength to bubble to the surface. You’ll feel naked. And yet so beautifully free.

And eventually, you’ll feel tempted, to fill the void with the hustle. Because doesn’t busy mean success? And shouldn’t hard work be hard? You’ll feel tempted to look at the rest of the world and say yes.

But don’t. Because when you choose to sit there in your stillness, that beautiful heart you know is in your chest will make itself known to you. You’ll know what you really want. You’ll put out a pure energy of desire and intent. And that grid of energy will begin to pull toward you that which you’ve been hustling.

So if you’re tired. If your energy is down. Or if you’re wondering if this is the only way. Drop the draining pace of the hustle. Forget about what everyone else is doing and go your way. Through the doors to your heart. 

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  1. MMM!! Words for the soul right here! I am so glad I got to meet you in person at the Local Levo Detroit launch. What a beautiful website you have here 🙂

  2. This is so, so good! I just wrote about this myself. It is so easy to get caught up in all the great internets out there inspiring and encouraging others to build and grow a creative idea/business that it you forget about the heart of you and what you wanted to do. I spent years hustling and tunnel focused on being a wedding photographer that I didn’t even realize I didn’t really enjoy being an event photographer and that my goals were more family centric which could be achieved by more than just one specific type of career. It’s a process though and something I want to be more aware of how the media I take in effects me.

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