Maxie McCoy

Quit hiding the funk. Especially if you want out of it.

A funny thing happens when things start to get funky… I’m talking the bluesy, weird, uncomfortable, I might be failing, kinda’ floundering, totally possibly failing funky.

The kind of funk from things not being totally right.

The funk from life not going how you planned. From that big decision not being as fulfilling as you thought. Perhaps lonely even.

The funk of that huge job you told every one about sucking. Big time.

Or of your new hotty totty partner not panning out. Of the new friend not your peeps. Of the new hobby going no where.

The funk that casts a shadow on your happiness. The funk that makes you feel funky. Not depressed and miserable. Just not right. And definitely not happy.

When the funk starts creeping. You start hiding.

You hide the funk. You hide your problems. You go dark, really dark, so you don’t have to burden anyone. So you don’t have to look like you made a mistake. So you don’t have to be wrong, sad, real or vulnerable. But here’s the thing….

You have to give your problems to get your solutions.Tweet: You have to give your problems to get your solutions. @maxiemccoy

No one can help you if you don’t tell them what’s up. They can’t support you and your funky month if you’re not willing to open up a bit and let someone know what you’re pushing against. What you’re fighting through.

You don’t want to be in the funk any longer than you have to. Yes, you gotta “not force the funk” and sit in it a bit, but belaboring your own experience of it doesn’t do anyone any good.

Your people want to help. They want to let you know that they’ve been through that exact same thing too. They want to share their wisdom with you. What they learned. What they felt. How they dealt. They want to help you find solutions to the problem you’re up against. But you have to trust them with it first. You have to open your heart. Show your vulnerability. And let that be part of the path to emerging from the funk.

It’s what those heartbeats are there for. It’s what the energy of love is all about. To push you through. To strengthen. To heal. Let in the love by turning the light on your funk and letting your people know. The right people.

Let go. Release. The funk will fly as soon as you give your problems over to someone who will give you back the you’ve totally got this. You’re brilliant. I’m here. We’ll do this together energy.


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