Maxie McCoy

Big decision? Seek wisdom. Not answers.

If I had a crystal ball, I’d give it to you. But only after I lit some candles, boiled some tea and used it obsessively for a weekend. I’d be asking anything under the sun. I know. Selfish. But shoot, this girl needs answers too…

Should I do it?

Should I go?

What should I say?

How will it turn out?

Will people be mad?

Should I just ask him?

Does any of it even matter?

What is life to begin with. Seriously. What is life? Am I just a hologram?

In the crystal ball I’d be looking for answers. Specific answers. To tell me exactly what to do. To give me permission to do what I would have perhaps done anyways. But the future telling, the knowing, the crystal ball…that would help. Wouldn’t it?

You don’t have a crystal, fortune-telling ball. And neither do I.

But you likely have your own version of crystal-ball creating. You talk. You ask. You refuse to make a decision until…until you have the buy in from your most successful friends. Until you’ve confirmed it with people 1-10. Until you have your parents’ approval. Your partners buy in.

Conversations. Conversations. And conversations. Asking what should I do? But in all of your asking you’re losing the answering. You’re being swayed by other people’s answers rather than opened to their wisdom.

No one person has the right answer for you. No one person is standing in your shoes, breathing your air, infused with your soul. No one. Not a single one in the billions and billions of ones exists like you. And my isn’t that beautiful. So none of those ones, those heartbeats, those other souls trying to make their own way in this world will have the answer. Will have the crystal ball.

But they will have wisdom. And that, that is worth seeking. And the best sages to summon will know that what they’re providing you truly is nothing more than wisdom. They won’t project their answers. They won’t slam you with their righteousness. They won’t impose you with their way. But they’ll share. Freely. Relative to their own experience and their own circumstance and their own needs.

When you encounter wisdom, it may not feel like a closed loop. You may not shout Eureka! And you may even leave with the brain a bit mushy. And your forehead a little tense. It’s because it’s coming together. The puzzle pieces of wisdom are there. And you have some work to do to formulate your answer. Right for you and only you.

You’re going to have decisions you want to make. Sometimes big ones. Life altering ones. Scary ones. And little ones. And you shouldn’t have to make those decisions alone, in a vacuum of your mind. But as you step out. As you reach out. Stop searching for answers. And instead seek wisdom.Tweet: Stop searching for answers. And instead seek wisdom. @maxiemccoy She’s the sage pathway that will lead you to the exact place you were looking for all along — your answer.


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