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Don’t you know? Your muse has rules.

Everyone wants to be struck with inspiration. Struck with the grand ideas. Jetsetting to cosmic genius surrounded by the stars of their creativity.

The business idea. Eureka!

The perfect angle to your marketing plan. Nailed it.

Perfecting the look of your bedroom decor. Gorg.

Finally coming up with the message of your next book. Goldddddd.

A perfectly, comically written email that you know has everyone laughing. I raise you a subject line.

Painting mini canvases to give as gifts. Love.

It’s gratifying. Not in the fleeting I just bought the perfect outfit way. But in the I’ve got it going on I need to listen to these soul whispers a little more way.

That creativity. The genius. That whisper to do it. To create it. To express it. It’s the muse in you.

Your muse wants you to create.Tweet: Your muse wants you to create. @maxiemccoy

She wants you to pick up that instrument in your living room and make something just to make. She wants the words to flow. And the kitchen to get messy with ingredients and excitement. She wants you to be brave enough throw out the first attempt and still choose to keep going. And most importantly, she wants to be heard.

I’ve learned through fire. By ignoring. By forcing. By shutting out my muse – my fairy god mother of creative force.

A few weeks ago I had a young woman write to me asking if she should take her laptop on an extended trip through Europe. Risk the possession? Risk missing the experiences by not writing about them then? Not life or death. But I understood the risk. Easy answer. Slam Dunk. Whatever will honor your writing. Do that. A journal. A laptop. Notes in your iPhone. Whatever sparks the flow, go there.

Go there. For everyone. For you. For me. We have got to go there. It’s the rule of the muse. One among many of those I’ve learned so far…If you want creativity. If you want creative passion. If you want new vantage points. Flow. Art. Empires of good. When the muse calls. You must pick up. And listen. And do.

When she calls in the middle of the night. Answer. Get out your notepad. And get the idea down. The blog post out. The headliner written.

Don’t assume she’ll call back. Don’t naturally think you’ll just remember it later. When you’re ready. When you have more energy. Your muse requires your attention now.

And the more your show her attention, the more she’ll come calling. Funneling your killer ideas. Improving your craft. Expanding your range.

Alas, when you need, you can summon her. You can open your hands. Stare at the sky. Get on your knees. And summon. If she knows you’ve been listening, she’s likely to answer the call and guide you through the problem that needs solving with just the creative salt you’ve been looking for.

She’s got rules, your muse. Follow them. And the strike of inspiration is yours.

With a Little Inspiration, Anything is Possible...

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