Maxie McCoy

A Writer’s Prayer

May these words carry
Carry energy and carry faith
May they burn with possibility
Ushering in their own simple grace
May they reveal the possibility of what can always be
And set blazing, the purpose of each soul free
With the channeling of love
And the summoning of connection
Let these words travel
Come approval or come rejection

I’m asking for this message to be heard
A message of hope and purpose
In each and every word
Let these words gently ignite the soul
Regardless of fear, doubt, or everyday woes
Let my words carry simple humanity
A hallelujah of ‘me too’s, one beautiful insanity
Let this be a guide, a path and an inspiration
A seed of belief holding cosmic vibration

This is my art. My expression to grow
I will burn for creative beauty, but I will also let it go
Help me past my own fears and doubt
Turn my timid whisper into an intentional shout
I’ll challenge myself. I’ll push for better
I’ll channel that energy into each and every letter

When I’ve done my best
My creation of love
Universe I summon you
I need your grace from above
Finesse. Deepen. Inspire. Make this right
Use these words to unlock their light

With a Little Inspiration, Anything is Possible...

Inspire Me!

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