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Feeling crappy? The biggest lessons that come from your lows.

Every single one of us feels like crap sometimes. In the dumps. Funky ass funk. Low. Bluesy. And generally unexcited about things.

It happens when you don’t know what you want. When you’ve been less than the best human you’d like to be. The morning after you’ve had too much to drink. When you’re indecisive. Ungrounded. Rejected. Or have placed yourself dead last on the TLC list.

Happens to everyone. Happens to me. Big time happens. I’ll start to notice the ugh. Don’t wanna. Don’t feel like it. Let me sleep. I feel weird. I don’t want to get ready. Am I ugly? I should be working more. I’ll go outside later. Mmmm not picking that facetime up. But like, I’m not a good writer anyways.

It’s like a fog that takes over my brain. It’s always triggered by a lack of self care. Always. And even though I know the remedy out of it (connection, a good sweat, writing, a little Oprah, the mountains or the ocean), I’ll roll around in my crap for a while. Sometimes an afternoon, sometimes two weeks of afternoons.

These periods, when you’re in them, are holy hallelujah teachers. You’re not supposed to hit the ejection button (although we try). Just because you notice your shit doesn’t mean that you immediately and automatically feel better. That would bring no lessons. And it’d be just too easy.

The funks, blues, I feel weird moments or series of moments have all kinds of life nuggets to show you. You’re learning. You’re expanding. Look for the light:

    • People who pour good vibes into you when you don’t ask for them. Keepers.
    • The tapes on repeat in your brain. You’ll get bits of wisdom about what your insecurities are. Your work.
    • It ain’t that deep. But it still matters to you. Immediate perspective for others and their battles.
    • That clarified character. You can still be amazing to others when you’re not feeling your best.
    • Your gut is your GPS. It’ll guide you through a funk.
    • Issues require your full attention. The funk is making you spend time with them.
    • Healing happens. It always happens. When you seek those who can help you heal.
    • Your best antidotes to funk will always be some combination of: nature, exercise, writing, loved ones, sleep, energy work, natural food, killer jams, gratitude, healers, play, laughter, cuddles, art.
    • Poison is always disguised in the form a quick fix: food, drinking, attention, overworking, destructive repetition, running away, lashing out.
    • Your mind is powerful. It created this low and has the power to unravel it. Choose your heaven or choose your hell any given day.
    • Discovery of your favorite soul shinning song. Keep it favorited.
    • Mood boosters aren’t expensive and most times are free.
    • The biggest step you’ll ever take is the one out of your own head.Tweet: The biggest step you’ll ever take is the one out of your own head. @maxiemccoy

These moments of muddled feelings and thoughts blow. They feel yuk. They probably don’t look good on you either. But they’re l i f e. See what they’re bringing you and know that no amount of low makes you a bad, crappy, ugly person. Practice utter self compassion when these times come up. You’re human. I’m human. Embracing our humanness is part of the path and it makes the funk a million times more manageable. Every. Time.

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