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Fully Expressed. How to Have Opinions Without Being an Ass

Be someone that brings something to the table. Be a person who expresses. Have thoughts. Share your energy. Stand your ground. And for the love of sunsets and puppy dogs – hold an opinion. have an opinion. share your opinion.

Do not coil down. Do not retract. Do not always remain is such an area of gray that you lose your distinction. Stand for something. Stand for lots of things. And don’t be afraid to share it.

When you find yourself without opinions it’s typically out of a need for someone’s approval. It comes from a place of wanting to be affirmed because you agree with whomever is around you.

How often are you muting your opinion? Sometimes, this is smart. Very smart. But many times your lack of opinion stems from that deep concern with what others will think of you. Of a deep desire to please.

You’re not going to become an asshole just by having an opinion. That’s a status reserved for people who have opinions and try to force their unproved belief on others. They project. And with it they hold no place for understanding, for empathy, for another person’s place in life.

That’s not you. You’ll be the person with an opinion. The same one who can share their voice while still showing such kindness. You can communicate, you can share, you can help someone see your opinion while still understanding theirs. You don’t make someone wrong. You don’t make yourself right. You simply have an opinion. And you share it when it makes sense.

The opinions…they range big and they range small.

It can be as simple as not liking the movie that everyone else did.

It can be thinking there’s a more efficient way of handling the project at hand.

It can be obsessing over the new website designs that showed up in your inbox.

It can involve loving a new look that everyone else is weird about.

Or feeling great cussing in your writing when your mom thinks it’s not lady like (sorry mom)

Or believing that you can do your work just as well 9,000 miles away.

It can be outraged by global tragedies.

Or moved to emotion from beautiful poetry.

It’s can be not liking the way you were talked to.

Or maybe believing that the experience of this world isn’t always logical.

An opinion doesn’t divide you, it distinguishes you. Express yours.Tweet: An opinion doesn't divide you, it distinguishes you. Express yours. http://bit.ly/1WUeVZc @maxiemccoy

Express yours because you have them. They’re there. Bring them to the table. Show up with something to believe in. With something to talk about. With an approval of your own identity so much that you can care about something that someone else disagrees with. You can like something others don’t.

An opinion you share while still holding kindness for theirs is healthy expression. If you find yourself empty of opinions, tap into your blinding sense of self. You’ll find them when you stop giving a damn what others think. And if you find yourself overflowing with opinions, strive to hold space for kindness because your opinion never made you right.

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