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You gotta relax in order to receive

Even when it doesn’t feel like it, there is no shortage of magical gifts showing up. There’s love when you’re heartbroken. There’s joy when you’re disappointed. There’s a future when you’re holding on to the hurt of your past. There’s new friends where old ones were lost. There’s stability in the midst of transition. Life that sprouts during times of grief.

Life is oh so sweet. When you’re not feeling it. When you’re pissed at outcomes. When your soul is dragging. Energy lagging. Confused. Lost. Frustrated. During all of that, it can be sweet. Life has goodness to deliver. Gifts to send. Lessons to share. Magic to bring in. 

But are you too tensed up to see it? Is your focus in the dumps? Are you so damn obsessed with getting what you want that you’re not able to accept the beauty of what’s showing up.

You’ve gotta relax in order to receive. Tweet: You’ve gotta relax in order to receive. @maxiemccoy

I’ve been personally universe slammed with this one lately – that in all of my controlling. In all of my processing. Analyzing. And thinking. I wasn’t letting the really good shit in. The help. The love. The affection. The enjoyment because I was too worried about the consequences of being still, open and vulnerable. I was so worried about not doing what I had done that I wasn’t settling into being open to the really yummy, cheek scrunching, gooey stuff that brings us so much pleasure and support. I was walling up through worry. Closing up via analysis. So willing to give but sucking so bad at letting the receiving just be GOOD. Relaxxxxx I was told by my saint of a Bali healer. Tears followed. 

You don’t need a healer to melt into goodness. Sink into your soul. Open up. Calm. Be still. And realize that the good shit can’t find it’s way in if you’re moving around like a maniac. If you’re mind is constantly pacing. If your heart is all walled up. If you’re climbing out of every situation you’re in just to get to the next.

The gifts, the goodness, the blissful expansion comes from relaxing into it. From easing. From gentle and soft being. 

Relaxing allows you to listen. It allows you to look up. It accesses sights, sounds and feelings you weren’t privy to before. And it can be easy, so easy. Relaxing in the little moments, in the big moments, and in the being.

Laying on the couch to stare at the ceiling.

Hiding the Facebook sidebar so you don’t have to look at their name.

Not taking your coffee to go. And leaving your phone in your purse.

Waking up and not getting out of bed right away. 

Letting the wifi stay broken.

Going for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Diving head first into the waves and then floating.

A joy ride with the windows down, taylor blasting.

Reading a book up against a tree, sunshine in your face.

Taking the doggy for a walk.

A cheap massage at the nail parlor.

Sitting on the floor of the library.

Closing your eyes and imagining paradise.

The little moments calm you down. They open you up. They soften your heart. Your energy. Your soul. And they make it easier. So much easier. To receive. So relax beb, the good stuff wants in.

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