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Getting Conscious about Cash – 4 Costly Oversights That I Learned the Hard Way

It’s a journey to get down with your finances. Sometimes it’s deeply personal. Totally private. A wardened off topic that doesn’t get to see the light of day.

If I’ve learned anything – as I moved into fully fledged adulthood and then transitioned into my holy buckets I’m a business owner pants – it was that I’d make major cash mistakes just like other areas of my life. And the more I was able to open up about them, the more I got the support and knowledge I needed.

I’ve made mistakes in the money game. And I’ll continue to make them. But getting a hold on finances is what allows you (and me) to more fully live out our passion, purpose and values—and to reach out highest potential. It’s why getting groovy with the benjamins really matters. It’s why I’m obsessed with Umpqua’s Made to Grow campaign and am sharing my blunders as a part of it…because the more we connect the more beauty we can create with the proper power of our money.

Dropping some truth about the oversights I learned the hard way:

More money equals better habits (not)

It was a year into my first salaried job after college. Got my first raise. Boom. And I remember thinking how excited I was to be making more money because now I’d be able to save like I wanted to. Now I’d be able to contribute to retirement like I wanted. Turns out, it’s is really easy to spend what you make. I found out pretty quickly that making more money, even significantly more money, wouldn’t mean I just automatically had a killer savings and rocking budget practices. They’re things that have to be worked on from day 1 – no matter what you’re making. I would only figure that out through intentionally working on my foundational money practices, not just because there was more money in my bank account.

30 bucks aint no thing

Those quick purchases, the yoga class and coffee with a girlfriend… the “inexpensive” basic white tank… the couple of glasses of wine on a Tuesday… if they’re less than $30 bucks I didn’t bat an eye. But consistently spending that money with zero thought added up. It’s “death by a thousand cuts” broke style. Your money is hard earned so don’t make it so frivolous to spend. Check check. Got that now. Never again.

An act of self care

I used to think checking bank accounts, bills, and credit statements was a pain in the ass. I didn’t do it regularly which meant missing all kinds of things – the restaurant that charged me twice. Or worse, my bank account that got drained by fraud. Now, my money is an everyday habit. It’s something I check, audit, and review every single day. It’s an act of self care because I have the right energy around it. I take care of it and it takes care of me. Sorted.

Staying Silent

I had a money gag order for a long time. Speaking up changed everything. Which is why I continue to write and talk about the places that I’ve faltered and the things I’m confused by or striving toward as I build my life, my business and my creativity. Money makes all of that possible and studies show that opening up about our abundance helps others do that same. We all have a story to tell. And we all have a lesson to share. People are stressed about money, but our vulnerabilities can help them out while strengthening ourselves.

Storytelling is where we connect. It’s where we learn. It’s how we grow. What questions do you have about money? What is your best money tip? Let’s learn from each other. Join me for a #M2Gchat on Sunday, November 8 7pm PT with Umpqua Bank where we’ll talk about money, human potential and resources to help.

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This post was written as a part of Umpqua’s ‘Made to Grow’ campaign which shining a light on the conversation about money. Take a step into the light. A good place to start is their Open Account podcast hosted by Umpqua Bank and SuChin Pak or watching The Seed and the Moon, an original film.

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