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21 Reasons to Obsess Over Being a Woman

W O M A N. Gah I love it.

The beauty of being a woman is sometimes in the anatomy, more in the association, and mostly in the feeling. The intense connection to the divine feminine. This amazing, insane force that charges through us.

I’ve been having that I am woman hear me roar type of month. The kind that I feel so connected to the feminine and the powerful energy around it. The type of energy that feels like it’s passed down. A screaming downward triangle strengthened through ancient civilizations and centuries of experiences. Aligned with the stars. Bigger than me. Gifted. Drawn up from the earth. And wildly unignorable.

I see pictures of beautiful women and their new babies and I’m mesmerized with her leadership in that experience of giving life. I sit across from a friend and have my heart busted open with how insanely open and intimate we can get with each other—with people we choose. Our friends. The way our storytelling with each other strengthens us individually. The way I can choose to lift something when I’m feeling like a boss bitch, but it’s also totally appropriate for me to ask for help and let him do it. My choice.

Obsessed with being a woman. For more reasons than one. I am woman. Hear me roar.

  1. Birth Humans. WE GIVE BIRTH TO HUMANS. What? They grow in us. They arrive into this world through us. I’m both completely frightened and utterly jazzed about this experience. My brain honestly has as hard of a time wrapping my head around this fact as it does black holes and quantum physics. Full-on miracle.
  2. Talking is a pastime. Gab. Chat. Connect. Share. It’s beautiful. Timeless. Ours.
  3. WINE NIGHTS. Red. White. Rose. Bottles. Buzz. Tipsy. Don’t-need-it-but-couldn’t-love-this-more kinda night. Girls night.
  4. Community. Sister circles. Girl Gangs. Superwoman Squads. We’re programmed for community and build beautiful experiences out of it.
  5. Adornment. Lipstick. Long skirts. Wrapped necklaces. Things that sparkle. Things that carry meaning. Diamond rings. Rose gold passed down from past mothers. Yes. Did I already mention lipstick?
  6. Men are our yang. Just a whole lot of oh yes to this. Strong. Stable. Providers. Problem Solvers. Did you see his guns? Putttttt a fork in me. Chivalry. Yum.
  7. Hips.
  8. Pain toleration. Deep tissue therapy. Cold and Flu. Stubbed Toe. We can take a lot. Tolerate even more. Bring it on.
  9. Sexuality Summoned. We can do that thing, where we turn it on. We open our heart. Light up attraction. It’s a silent super power. And we know how to rock it.
  10. Tend and Befriend. There for each other. In the rough. And the thick. And the tough. What do we do when things aren’t going right? We draw close. We heal ourselves by healing each other. And vice versa.
  11. Our body speaks, loudly. I’m talking that women-only “you’re not pregnant” kind of announcement. Or the “you’re so happy there’s salty liquid running down your face.” The pain in your chest when you’re sad. The flutters deep in your belly when you’re crazy about them.
  12. Glowing. Full-on glow. Like a light-behind-our-skin kind of glow. When we love. When we’re preggers. When we’re happy. When we’re peaceful. I’m a woman and I radiate, didn’t you know? Cool. So cool.
  13. Collaboration. We’re together-type peeps. In it to win it as a team. Inclusive. Understanding. We care about the greater good and push, advocate, negotiate, and devote to it. We’re more powerful when we do for the other.
  14. Really good at surviving melanoma. A particularly personal one for me. Who knew? Tested and true. Thank heavens. Now go put on your sunscreen.
  15. Oprah’s a W O M A N. So is Adele. Greatness. Girl Power. Association.
  16. Let’s just say… You get to come more than once. In a row. Ya know? Hell. Phucking. Ya.
  17. Feeling the hell out of life. All of it. We feel. Deeply feel. Always feel. The myriad of emotions come and go and we have full-on permission to see, touch, feel, and express them.
  18. Lululemon crops.
  19. Goddess. Girl. Diva. Queen. Feminine. Sister. Some of my favorite words.
  20. Mother Earth. Life force. Vitality. Mountains. Ancient feminine. Mythology. This beautiful planet that breaths life into us is honored as a feminine energy. The ultimate feminine. It’s an energy that should be tapped into regardless of gender. All humans. We need a balance of both.
  21. Gut. We just know. We know. Our body tells us. Our intuition shouts. We just feel the answer. And we’re normally right.

PS. This ain’t no zero sum game. Just because women are doesn’t mean men aren’t. 

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