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Tried ‘em all. 25+ Healers and One Giant Lesson

There’s a beauty in seeking. In wanting to know. To understand. To evolve. To expand.

Staying the same isn’t good enough. There’s always layers to peel back—in ourselves, in our perspectives, and in opinions of what’s going on around us.

In the name of knowing, I’ve done some crazy shit. Call it woo. Call it weird. Call it healing. I call it seeking. Experiencing. Trying.

And boy have I tried. A lot. From the mountains of India to the Oceans of Bali to the burbs of Brooklyn, I’ve dived into the unknown to see if there’s more to know. Is there something I’ve been missing about myself? Are there insights that can drive me forward? Is there more energy that I can tap into? Is there more #universe to summon?

…Once upon a time I was so serious about an Indian guru’s admission that the ring I had just bought would surely bring me love that I followed his instructions to activate the love ring with scrutinizing detail.

What detail you ask? Oh just keeping the ring in a black cloth for 10 days (I didn’t have a cloth on my trip through India so I used black panties #normal). And each day taking it out at sunset to dip it in milk and then dip it in water 12 times while chanting a love mantra.

If you’re wondering what happened after, the ring broke within two weeks at the very same time my heart was smashed by the dude who’s love I wanted.

….And then there was the time I saw 5 palm readers in three countries in the span of a few days. What can I say, I wanted to confirm their prophecies.

…In Bali I’ve seen an energy healer every week who massages my body and reads what’s going on in my subconscious by translating the meaning of the location of my physical pain. (And has absolutely changed my life in the meantime.)

…I’ve had my blood pricked and analyzed by a naturopth. I’ve taken supplements 20 times a day as a result for three weeks which is finished off by drinking oil, grapefruit juice and salt.

…I quit all sugar. All. Any. for 7 weeks. Not even fruit.

…I’ve seen astrologists who read my life like a book based on my exact birth time and location. Capricorn goals for the win.

…And reiki healers. One who made me cry over not being able to name the type of tree I had just seen in my vision.

…I’ve left major decisions up to the angel and fairy cards

…I’ve snuck into a little shoebox of a store in the middle of Chinatown, held a salt rock and meditated before having a polaroid picture taken of my aura.

…I’ve had an executive coach that taught me to swing a coin around with nothing other than my thoughts.

….I’ve had the oldest healer in Indonesia poke me with a wooden stick while chanting and praying before telling me that my path to healing was to “swallow my smile.”

…I’ve had needles placed throughout my body by an acupuncturist.

…I’ve screamed and writhed in pain while “Mr Tendon” massaged my muscles so strongly I was bruised from head to toe the next day.

And these are just the ones I can quickly recall. If there’s been a recommended healer, fairy god mother, osteopath, reader, seeker or psychic, I’ve probably done it.

Am I healed? Am I knowing? Am I better? Am I (fill in the blank)?

Yes and no.

Some of those experiences and people have hands down changed my life. They have shown me parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. They have helped me tap deeply into my power in a way that allows me to be stronger both for myself and for others.

Some of the experiences were complete bullshit. They either pissed me off or ripped me off. Not because they didn’t meet my expectations, but because they were obviously claiming to be something they were not.

But one thing is sure: the best healers help you heal yourself.

They give you the tools and the insight to make your heart strong. They hold up a mirror so you can see your own greatness. They help you uncover insights that you already have. They unearth your powerful energy that already existed.

They’re powerful people. And they’re not always going to be titled “healers.” They can be your bestie who knows how to dish out those fairy cards for fun in a hotel room in Chicago before you have a massive decision to make. They can be your chiropractor who always knows exactly how to get everything moving back into place. They might be your astrologist who gives you the magic to feel confident about the next month. They might be a business coach who brings you into the power of your talent.

These people heal your holes by bringing out your strength. The rest is just an experience. Even the bullshit is entertaining if you allow it to be. And you’ve got to go through some of the crap to find the real magic.

Seek. And you shall find healing. In your own power, strength and magic as seen through the gifts of someone else.

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