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How to Find Massive pleasure in the moments not to miss

Wrapped in warmth and swaddled in joy. It’s here. The weeks of love and hugs. Of gifting and giving. Of that feel good, yes more, wreaths bigger than Texas and the love these humans so feelings, pleasure.

The pleasure of mom’s cinnamon roles in the oven. Of too many little ones running around. Normally kids aren’t your thang, but shoot, this week everyone and every four-legged is. You’ve got car loads of goodies. Sprinkled cookies. And a whole heck of a lotta it’s been so long how are you run ins.

There’s a spirit of this season. So thick you can feel it. Breath it. Touch it. But yet never grasp it. It’s once a year. Here and gone. Today and soon yesterday.

Here’s the thing about the holidays—they’re just a collection of beautiful moments. They’re simple. They’re unnoticeable. The moments you don’t want to miss are the ones impossibly easy to ignore.And they’re the same ones that you’ll one day wish you had enjoyed more.

They’re also the ones killed in an instant. Over. Ditched. Because you let someone squash it.

Keep yourself in the moment.

Don’t miss the cute christmas caroler in the back because you’re worried you answered the door with no make up on. No one cares.

Stay in the kitchen when your sibling starts the same damn fight they do every year. Don’t fight back or run away. When they’ve dropped it, chug wine in the pantry.

When your aunt gives you the weird ass gift choice again. Don’t roll your eye. Remember the thought was there. It’s something. Everything, really.

During game time, round up the phones and put them in a bucket. No family hour is really family hour when everyone else is somewhere else, mentally. Digital sheriff, here you come.

Open your presents after you watch the smile on the kiddies faces as they open theirs. Trust me, you don’t want to miss that kind of unbridled joy.

Get out the oversized jingle bells and start singing. Just because. And smile when you realize that this was what always annoyed you so much about your dad.

Hug your besties longer. Send them pictures of your morning Christmas hair. Don’t worry about brushing and grooming yet. Just because you can. Ugly faces are a must.

Rather than complaining about being full, take the extra cookies to the local firefighter station. They’re spending time away from everyone they love so you can be with yours, safely.

Leave an extra big tip. And be a friendly conversation. Even when they forgot to hold the cheese. Those Christmas eve waiters have people they care about, too. You’re the one they’re with though.

Hold onto the beauty of this week’s moment. They’ll slip through your fingers quicker than your drunk uncle is tossing back his cold one. Dance in the snow (if you have it). Sing out loud. Put on a Santa Hat and act like you’re five again. Help. Clean. Smile. And don’t let old crap, past hurt, weird dynamics, or annoying patterns keep you from your moments.

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