Maxie McCoy

Mopey? Real talk. Tough love. And quick shifts to snap out of it.

I know.
I know you want to turn the lights out and pull the covers over your head. Quit calling. Stop texting. Let’s just play dead.
Not that you want to be dead. You just want to suck at life for a little bit. Not go back to work. Not think about the next year. Get away with doing nothing. Eat that third scoop of creamy peanut butter on a spoon straight out of the jar just because.
Things might have gotten weird. So you feel sorry for yourself. Sulk. Have people understand. Have their misery. Their company. Wallow and wonder what you did to deserve this.
Seriously, life. What did you do to deserve it?
I’m not an oracle. But I do know this about your future: It’s going to be just fine. Fine. Great. Better even.
How much would you be moping around right now if you knew with absolute certainty that the very best outcome was headed your way?
Confused about your purpose? Why the hell you’re here to begin with? Join humanity, sister. Everyone is on a path of figuring that out. Some have tried and failed more than others. Some are closer to their why. Some will change theirs a decade from now. I’ll tell you where you won’t find it…at the bottom of the peanut butter jar.
Someone say something harsh or mean? Ef them. It doesn’t matter. It seriously does. not. matter. Everyone is going to have an opinion. There can be a lot of silver-tongued thieves out there robbing you of joy with their words. Ditch ‘em. How you feel about you is all that will ever matter.
Missing home? Pick up the phone and call. And put down your social feeds immediately. immediately. There’s nothing worse than wallowing in other people’s pictures of perfection while your heart is missing your own. Facetime will help, temporary expat’s honor.
Ghosted? I know that guy that was full-on obsessed with you for a few weeks. But he’s no where to be found now, so drop it where you found it. If you respected yourself as much as those who love you do, you wouldn’t give him the time of day. The universe was just making an (abrupt) shift. For something way better.
Feeling ugly? Your body. Your hair. Your hips. Your arms. They’re waiting for you to love them. This isn’t just a face you can disconnect with. It’s not hair you can change (totally). Your body isn’t just a thing. It’s your machine. Your temple. Your command center. Love from the inside will always glow on the outside.
Doubting your gifts? It’s not easy to get out there. It’s hard to create. To produce. But your gifts get better when they’re put in practice. Don’t let doubt silence your gift. The more you do it. The more you get out there. The more feedback. The more you’re seen. The less you’ll be doubty and weird. Gotta push past it to get to the strength you weren’t sure was there. Your gifts will carry you.
Disappointed? Maybe they turned out to be a shitty friend. Maybe a crappy date. Maybe it wasn’t what you thought. Your expectations bit you in the ass. You’re not alone, it’s something we all do. And we all learn. Honor what you’re feeling, but don’t add gasoline to the fire of your emotion. Stop the thoughts before they burn shit down.
Everybody gets mopey. But you get to choose how long you stay there. Sending epic love to snap your mood.

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