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Why your success will never equate to happiness

For so long, I always tried to ladder my decisions in life towards what I said I wanted. If  I had a  goal, then I’d be scrappy, I’d be creative, I’d be skilled at coming up with the combinations. I’d do that without ever evaluating if it was the right goal. I’d bee line towards it because it sounded great.

I was stopped in my tracks when I realized that obtaining those goals wouldn’t ever actually make me happy. I thought the success would. I thought “that out there in the future”  would lead to a happiness like I’d never known.

It seems so clear to me now how wrong, how terribly wrong my formula for happiness was.

I always knew I had some part of the equation wrong, but I couldn’t have told you what the right formula was, exactly. Truly, it wasn’t until diving into the meaning of personal leadership and creating the workshop that you’ll see below-  that I was able to fully understand my past mistakes in all of their beautiful glory.

If you’ve ever thought “when I make that dream a reality, when I accomplish that goal, when I find that partner, when I lose those 10 pounds, when I start that company” + “then I’ll be happy” …. This video is for you. It’s a single flip of the mind that will change the way you look at success:


watch here

Your success all hinges on such a simple thing. I can’t wait to hear how you’re going to do that. Share the insights, wont’ you? #maxie on social and let me know: what does your future smell like?

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  1. Maxie, thank you so much for sharing that workshop here. You are such an engaging and capable workshop facilitator. What I really loved about this was that you seamlessly married together an exercise which elucidated and validated the creative, dreamy, imaginative visualisation ‘stuff’ – the seeds from which our business ideas emerge – with factual, black-ink-on-paper action steps. Loved it.

    1. Emma, I’m so glad this was useful for you! Creating valuable offline experiences is one of my faveeeeee-orite things ever 🙂

  2. Maxie, you speak to my soul! I was in a seven-year relationship where I never had to worry about money; it was everything I thought I ever wanted… I Thought! Being financially secure is a big deal to me, I reached this goal, so everything else would fall into place, and life would be AMAZING! I hated it! Having an excess of money that I didn’t earn made me feel lazy and undeserving. I recently realigned my goals and dreams. Thank you for sharing this fantastic workshop!

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