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27 Soul-Busting Truths from My Craziest Year Yet

As I come upon another lap around the sun, I can’t remember a year that has felt like this one. It’s been the most magical. Included the most leaps. Entertained the most questioning. And yet I’ve never been more proud. Not for what I accomplished, but for who I’ve become. I pushed, pulled, opened, poked, and softened my way to one of life’s great lessons. I stared directly into the heart of my soul to find a deep love for all that I am. It’s allowed me to be scared. To act. To speak my truth. To show my full self. And to serve.

Keeping this to 27 lessons wasn’t easy. The global adventures, crazy leaps, and big changes served up a lot of truth. A little birthday love from me to you…

  1. The greatest gift you can give someone is a clear reflection of how they want to be seen.
  2. Collective intelligence can make miracles happen. So use your energy for good.
  3. When someone has experienced loss, tell them you’re here with them. And be there.
  4. Bringing a Ukulele to the beach and belting songs out loud with your terrible tone will always be a good idea.
  5. The thing you’re most scared of doing is the one thing you must do.
  6. All happiness and all joy comes from within. Face your soul. Access yourself. And you’ll always be in control.
  7. Not giving a fuck is epic power. It only becomes possible once you find a deep, deep love for exactly who you are.
  8. You are meant to create. Poetry. Paintings. Humans. Music. Never stop.
  9. Your things aren’t that precious. Purge them. Minimalism feels so good.
  10. The #universe unites. Prayers are powerful. And always better on your knees.
  11. Being divinely feminine is the most powerful way for a woman to lead.
  12. Celebrate yourself. Plan your own party. You’ll be so glad you did.
  13. Take up space. With your hair. Your voice. Your ass. Your opinions. Express all of it. 
  14. Saying I love you in the mirror really does unleash the self love.
  15. Crying can mean clarity. Let it flow.
  16. Surfing is the most spiritual sport on the planet. And showers are better laying down. Try both.
  17. Don’t put love on hold for your dreams. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.
  18. Your words create your reality. Choose them wisely.
  19. Assume everyone likes you until proven otherwise. Give your best to the ones that do.
  20. There’s no better light show on earth than a sunset over the water
  21. Don’t go at your dreams alone. Ask for help. Let yourself be helped. You’ll be so glad you did.
  22. Your physical pain is tied to subconscious belief.
  23. Cigarettes taste good. Wait until 27 to try one. And then never do it again.
  24. Living big means living differently. Many will question. Some will judge. You will wonder, but you must not compare.
  25. It’s perfectly acceptable to cry and hyperventilate in the presence of your idol. 
  26. Heartbreak is a shared experience. Crying in the bread aisle over it is OK. Meeting his wife will almost always suck.
  27. Always listen to the whispers. They are messages from your future dreams. Directions for how to get there. It’ll sound crazy. You feel scared. You’ll freak out. You’ll leap and still question yourself. And then, somewhere in the not-so-distant future, you’ll look back and see that crazy whisper was a wild gift.

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